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The centre for the Preschoolers' development “Kapitosha” was opened in September 2014 in Yaroslavl Pedagogical College.

Classes for children 5-7 years are held in a cosy room, equipped with comfortable safe furniture, LED panels and modern teaching aids.

The well-educated teachers work on their own programs through an integrated approach to early childhood education, taking into account individual characteristics and capabilities of each child, preserving the health of children and their full physical and mental development.

The educational process is based primarily on gaming activities, built on problem solving and learning situations, on the organization of teaching, theatrical, plot-role-playing games, creative assignments, quizzes, joint activities with parents and others.

In the classroom using modern means of teaching:

    - interactive complex Teach Touch 55;
    - "smart" techniques;
    - modern games and toys.

Main directions of the program for preschoolers
"We play, develop, create and learn"

    - sensory development (the development of perceptions and conceptions of the external properties of subjects: their shape, color, size, position in space, as well as smell, taste, etc.);
    - language development and literacy training;
    - the formation of elementary mathematical concepts;
    - the development of perception, thinking, attention, memory, imagination and fine motor skills;
    - psychomotor and cognitive development, contributing to the enrichment of the emotional world of children, the right expression and recognition of emotional states;
    - artistic creativity.

    phone: (4852) 32-64-14, 74-61-82;
    e-mail ykapitosha2014@yandex.ru