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WorldSkills Russia is an international non-profit movement, which aims to increase the prestige of working professions, and development of vocational education through the harmonization of best practices and professional standards throughout the world by means of organizing and conducting competitions of professional skill, both in each country and throughout the world as a whole.

WorldSkills Russia today:

     – 56 Regional Coordination Centres (RCC)
     – 93 Regional Championships (25 championships in 2014, 30 championships in 2015)
     – More than 10 000 competitors, 15 000 experts, 500 000 spectators
     – 3 national championships
     – 2 Hi-Tech championships on cross trades among corporations and holding companies, enterprises of the Russian Federation

Yaroslavl Pedagogical College has been involved into the movement WorldSkills Russia since 2014. It has become the regional coordinator of this movement.

Our responsibilities:

  • informative coordination
  • organization of competition sites
  • opening and closing ceremonies
  • photo and video support
  • reporting documents

We participate in two competences:

  • Preschool education
  • Primary school teaching


Our achievements:

  • the 2d place in Regional Championship Preschool education

Our students took part in the Open Moscow Championship in WorldSkills Russia standards and in Moscow Region Championship.